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As a publicist for 15 years, I am amazed by how much there is to learn about the business of being an author.  Once you write the book, you have basically gone into the bookselling business unless you have a traditional publisher who pays you an advance.  It is your job to market and promote the book unless your publisher does it.  

For those of us who believe we have something to say or write, it is thrilling to be able to self-publish or use an operation like CreateSpace to bring the book into its "final" finished form.   Furthermore, I know authors of novels who sell them as ebooks or as pdf downloads from their website. Those books have never and perhaps may never be available in a bound form.  That is new.   Think about the proliferation of tablets onto which you download the book and read an electronic version.  That's really cool.

The ebook business is booming.  Since FROM SAGGING TO SUCCESS is content-driven by the photos of the paintings in Emery Franklin's Crossroads series, I have not yet found a tablet version that does the book justice.  I am sure this is because I need more information.   

If you have a book waiting to get out of your heart and mind.  Now is the time to write the words down.  Treat it as you would any other project and just do it.

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